Monday, April 15, 2013

Denis & Ricardo

19 year old Denis Haron comes to us from Prague and is a student at the local University.  Ricardo Tracy is 22 years old and is from Ostrava, also in the Czech Republic.  This couple is Hot and Horny after their walk in the park and head straight up to Ricardo's apartment, where they get right down to business. Ricardo drops to his knees and begins licking and sucking Denis's uncut cock. They move to the couch, where Denis reciprocates with returning some stroking and oral action. Ricardo slips on his condom and with Denis bent over the couch, he inserts his hard uncut cock into Denis, pumping his tool in and out, deeper and deeper, as he gently rubs his back! Ricardo pulls out and Denis on his back squirts his load with some stroking action, as Ricardo stands over Denis and lets go of his load across Denis’s abs! MORE >>>

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